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RENAUD COULOMB is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Melbourne since 2015.

He has worked on several documentary projects. 



- L'Hôtel des Mille et une nuits a rendu les armes (Cool Hotel Chaos), Mediapart, April 2018.

- La Guerre de l'Opium Part I  (The Pat Jasan anti-drugs religious group), Mediapart, March 2019

- La Guerre de l'Opium Part II (Drugs-related health issues in Myanmar), Mediapart, April 2019. 

- Les "Galériens" de la consigne (5 cents at a time, on NYC canners), Mediapart, February 2020.


- Farewell to the Gatwick, The Alliance Française, Melbourne (May 10 - June 13 2019). See media coverage at SBS and Broadsheet

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